Yoga Mat Blue Bl Stt-151
Yoga Mat Blue Bl Stt-151

Yoga Mat Blue Bl Stt-151


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Matt to do exercise such as yoga and Pilates. Environment also, people also friendly made TPE. By embossing was decorated on both sides, I will deliver outstanding grip. You can hold and there is no feeling like stiffness of the floor is transmitted of PVC mat, In elasticity, such as rubber, I’m actually excellent cushioning properties than the thickness. I will repel water and sweat. Minced a mat that you no longer use, Passes and becomes a non-toxic particles more than 10 years to fill in the soil, to return to the soil. Size: about thickness 4 * width 600 * length 1830mm Material: TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) Weight: about 900g


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