Lacrosse Balls
Lacrosse BallsLacrosse BallsLacrosse BallsLacrosse Balls

Lacrosse Balls


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Soothe sore feet , hamstring , legs , calves , deltoids , psoas , abs , quads and traps by rolling ball on affected under varying levels of pressure for myofascial release and therapeutic muscle rehabilitation . We offer 3 different styles to choose from , the single ball , the octagonal ball , and the double ball peanut . All three styles are available in either green or orange . Ideal for Fitness athletes , Pilates students , and people with reduced flexibility . Accupressure balls are a great gym accessory and make the perfect gift for anyone who has started a workout routine , and is feeling it long after they finish their workouts . Recover quickly from injury by increasing the blood flow to affected area . And keep them with you so you can use them whenever you want to with the included bag . Great for keeping at work in a desk drawer . Includes lifetime manufacturer’s warranty , and 100% satisfaction guarantee . We will refund your money if you don’t think this is the best lacrosse ball you’ve ever used . So , treat your body to the best deep tissue massager product money can buy , reduce injuries due to improper recovery , and enjoy speedy delivery thanks to Amazon Prime .


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