Add-A-Platform(TM), Studio Reformer
Add-A-Platform(TM), Studio ReformerAdd-A-Platform(TM), Studio ReformerAdd-A-Platform(TM), Studio Reformer

Add-A-Platform(TM), Studio Reformer


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Product Description

Sit or stand at the Studio Reformer’s head-end and use spring resistance for pulling, rather than pushing. Great for spinal mobilization, as in Seated Cat or Mermaid. Or use to increase innter thigh work in standing exercises by pulling the carriage towards you. Pilates instructors worldwide offer Balanced Body ideas for new products. Add-A-Platform(TM) is a result of our wonderful collaborative process. Fits any Studio Reformer, with or without a Tower. Choose upholstery color. Stock upholstery color: Black. Or call to order a custom upholstery color. Also includes printed exercises.


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